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Just over four years ago, Josh Backer, Jason Beckerman and I sat in an apartment on 55th Street in Manhattan discussing the future of marketing and what we were going to do together next. We arrived at a shared vision, which became the core foundation for the company we co-founded, Unified. The vision was simple: Global 2000 marketers were leaving a ton of money on the table, and could drive incredible results if only they approached and used data like best-in-breed financial institutions, manufacturers, and technology companies. Unifying all disparate data sets, leveraging data science to find trends and insights that the human eye can’t easily see, and using advanced technology to activate real-time actions that humans simply cannot do quickly enough could change marketing forever.

The three of us founded Unified just a few weeks later based on that vision. We knew that data and analytics were the foundation to helping brand marketers drive revenue in unprecedented ways. The first data set that we tackled was social, since Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn were on their way to becoming critical channels for reaching and engaging with consumers worldwide. Consumers live on social, discover on social, share and advocate on social, and communicate on social. We made a bet that social data and social networks would become a connective tissue across all consumer engagement touchpoints. Four years later, social is across every device, is used by billions of people globally, and generates over 500x more data per day than the New York Stock Exchange. We are proud that our Social Operating Platform is used by 600+ customers globally to drive marketing success.

Our vision has always extended beyond social to include data generated from every marketing channel - from social and digital to broadcast and offline. Today, we’re delivering on that vision via a groundbreaking partnership with iHeartMedia, one of the world’s largest media companies. iHeartMedia’s incredible audience - with a reach greater than any other radio and television outlet, nearly 100 million digital uniques, and the fastest-growing digital audio service in Internet history - generates amazing data that connects the dots across every consumer interaction point every day. iHeartMedia also understands and embraces social. As Bob Pittman, iHeartMedia’s CEO, says: “Social media is the new telephone. Something always drives response through social.”

As part of our partnership, we’re also happy to welcome iHeartMedia as Unified’s latest investor.

Today’s news is an example of what you’ll see from Unified in 2015 and beyond: Industry giants leveraging our industry-leading technology platform and the powerful data sets it contains to drive marketing and business success. The era of big data is upon us, and Unified’s team of 130+ in our New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles offices is leading the way as we transform the marketing industry.

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My name is Sheldon Owen, I’m a serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor and speaker. I'm the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Unified.com and Founder/CEO of Muncheez.com 

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