Is Live Content the Future?

Will Facebook Live finally move Facebook closer to television budgets and make them the leading platform for live content? Even though live content isn’t new, the excitement around Facebook Live and the potential has everyone buzzing in the media industry.

Twenty years after the rise of reality television in the United States, a new broadcasting phenomenon is now taking shape. Live streaming media is on its way to becoming the new standard for multimedia content on the Internet. In the near future, you will contribute to live streaming media as both a participant and a spectator.

Celebrities in particular have benefited from a vast fan-base of social media followers. While Twitter revolutionized the world with its social media platform of short-form posts, live streaming media offers an entirely new resource for engaging audiences in real-time. In the future, users will be able to tap into live video streams of their favorite public figures no matter the time or geographical location.

Currently, there are a few limitations of live streaming media posed by the availability of technology and adoption. For example, Periscope – one of the current leaders in live user broadcasting – implements a delay when more than 1,000 viewers have 'tuned in.' Last year, Facebook released its version of live streaming named Facebook Live. In 2015, Meerkat introduced its app that enables users to stream live media with social media connections using mobile networking.

The limitations users face with live streaming media today won't hold much weight in the future. These limitations include mobile data caps, signal strength and video quality. Along with the rise of virtual reality, live streaming media is set to completely overtake the multimedia industry. When modern technology becomes more widely available, with its always-connected users, a new platform for live media will likely take precedence.

Imagine slipping a virtual reality heads-up display over your eyes to immerse yourself in an environment occurring in real-time halfway across the world. You can expect to interact with events, businesses and people through live streaming media. The future of live streaming media is already here and shaping the next standard for media and entertainment.

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